IPLOCA Newsletter

The quarterly published IPLOCA Newsletter contains information about the IPLOCA organisation and its Members. Around 600 printed copies and 400 digital copies are mailed out to all IPLOCA members, affiliated organisations, executives, directors, management and field personnel of international gas & oil energy related companies worldwide. Advertising in the IPLOCA Newsletter is restricted to Regular Members, Associate Members and other organisations affiliated to the IPLOCA Organisation. All previous issues are available here.

Advertising rates 2019/2020


4 issues a year, price per issue

Type 1 issue 2 issues 4 issues
Inside Front Cover 4000.- 3500.- 3000.-
Inside Back Cover 3000.- 2500.- 2000.-
Back Cover 4500.- 4000.- 3500.-

Advertising specifications

Page type Document size
1/1 page 4C process width 210 mm x height 297 mm + bleed 3 mm

Preferred Materials

· Acrobat-PDF (2400 DPI, binary, CMYK)

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